Caregiver Salute – Joseph Borno

Joseph Borno came to us as a referral from another beloved caregiver. Since his arrival the clients he has worked with cant say enough about the exemplary work he has done for them. His current clients family is able to take a breath of relief knowing there loved one is being cared for so lovingly.

Caregiver Salute – Mary Copeland

Mary Copeland started the New Year as a new At Home Caregivers Employee. With dozens of Caregivers who have been with the company for many years – some having been with the company almost TEN years it can be difficult to earn the Lead Caregiver 217; role and land a steady Client and schedule. As is our tradition, we encourage…

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Karina Altamirano

Caregiver Salute – Karina Altamirano and Elana Richard

This weeks Caregiver Salute goes to TWO Caregivers who prove that Caregivers make the difference in our relationship with the Client, especially as the condition of our Clients change. Karina Altamirano and Elana Richard have provided wonderful care to Larry S., a cheerful and sweet Smith Ranch resident. His wife, Claire, is also growing in need, not only in taking…

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Caregiver Salute – Pat Bryant

I am calling a Bookend Salute today. Holding fast on one side is Pat Bryant. As of today, Pat is the 5th longest serving Caregiver in our company she has worked here for 8 years! Pat and I have worked with a lot of Crazy Clients and Caregivers during that time. In some cases, her presence has actually kept Clients…

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Shannell Checchin

Caregiver Salute – Shannell Checchin

The Caregiver Salute is our attempt to catch people doing things right. Yesterday, I met with the Annin client family and heard a great story: the clients son, Steve, told me that his mother, who is not technically our client, had a messy BM at the same time that our Caregiver, Shannell Cecchins shift ended. What did Shannell do? Without…

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Caregiver Salute – Ifonia Gelin

As professionals in this industry, we all know of or have had to work with difficult clients. You them; they are angry at the world, angry at themselves, or frightened of losing control of their minds or bodies. Perhaps they already have and are acting out, making everyone aroun d them miserable. From these roots grow families that are often…

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Katarina Nasoga

Caregiver Salute – Katarina Nasoga

Its not every day that a new Caregiver earns our coveted Caregiver Salute, but Katarina Nasoga has not only impressed us, she has won the hearts of several challenging Clients. The first miracle was with client Doris B. In nearly two years of service, there have been more than 30 caregivers in this case. You know this story; either the…

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Caregivers Salute – Faranisese Hamilton

The whole world is obsessed with catching people doing things wrong; just look at shows like TMZ, E!News, and websites like Huffpostcelebrity and Celebuzz. At Home Caregivers likes to catch people doing things right! Faranisese Hamilton is a Caregiver doing everything right! An old friend and supporter called us when her father was on his deathbed, and Faranisese served him…

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Caregivers Salute – Elmer Vecina

There is nothing for me to add to this incredible expression of gratitude and awesome work! Congratulations Elmer! Thank you for making us the BEST AGENCY in northern California! Letter From Client: Dear At Home Caregivers: This letter is a sincere token of my gratitude for the quality of care Elmer Vecina provided my wife in the final days of…

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