Caregiver Salute – Pat Bryant

I am calling a Bookend Salute today. Holding fast on one side is Pat Bryant. As of today, Pat is the 5th longest serving Caregiver in our company she has worked here for 8 years! Pat and I have worked with a lot of Crazy Clients and Caregivers during that time. In some cases, her presence has actually kept Clients from leaving, including our favorite Alan J! On the other end of the shelf is Mark Bogere. Having worked here for more than 7 years, today is a very special day for him: Mark graduates from College of Marin with a Liberal Arts degree he is headed for nursing school this fall. I cannot begin to tell you how pleased and proud I am of Marks accomplishments. Pat and Mark, you folks make the novels on the At Home Caregivers bookshelf full and rich!