The Top 10 Questions

  1. Do you, At Home Caregivers, employ the Caregivers, or are they “independent contractors”? If you do not employ the staff, will I be considered an employer by the IRS? At Home Caregivers is a Full service Home Care Agency and as such is the employer of record. We do not provide service using independent contractor caregivers.

  2. Will the client need to withhold income and social security taxes? No! As the employer of record, At Home withholds and remits all applicable federal, state and local taxes.

  3. Does At Home carry Liability Insurance? How Much? Yes! Our insurance is a comprehensive 1 million/3 million aggregate Professional and General Liability policy. In addition, we have a $500,000 non-owned auto insurance policy and a $250,000 sexual molestation policy.

  4. Are the Caregivers bonded? Yes! $25,000. Covered by the same underwriter who insures us – Philadelphia Insurance Company.

  5. Do you carry Worker’s Compensation insurance to protect clients from being sued if an employee is hurt on the job?Yes! As the Employer of Record, we pay for Worker’s Compensation Insurance. We have an excellent history and rating.

  6. Are Caregivers supervised? Is the supervisor available 24/7 in case of an emergency? Yes! We do in home quality assessments every month. Moreover, our staff provides daily Care Notes for each shift for each client served. A supervisor will respond to calls 24/7/365.

  7. What will happen if my loved one(s) don’t get along with this Caregiver? How easily can she/he be replaced? We are the “Yentas” of Caregivers! Our process enables us to know our clients needs and wants and provide a Caregiver to fulfill them. We employ a three step conflict resolution policy that will replace a Caregiver in one shift or less, if need be.

  8. Who will take care of my loved one(s) if the Caregiver is unable to work due to an emergency or illness? We have more than 50 Caregiver’s on payroll and more than 100 certified/trained and ready to go. We have NEVER left a client in need, unattended, ever.

  9. What background checks do you perform before hiring a Caregiver? We have an extensive, proprietary employment application. In addition, we perform the following checks on every Caregiver:
    • Social security verification- I-9 check
    • Federal Criminal Nationwide check
    • Statewide Criminal check
    • Local County Criminal check
    • Nationwide Sexual Predator check
    • CA DMV check. If they have more than 2 tix in 3 years, we do not hire them because our insurance won’t cover them
    • Reference checks

  10. Do you take long-term care insurance? How does that work? Yes! While we do not usually take the “assignment of benefits”, At Home Caregivers services are reimbursed by the following long-term care insurance agencies: Genworth, John Hancock, Calpers, Met-Life, Thirivent, Banker’s Life, Penn Treaty, CNA and Conseco. As an additional free service to our clients, we submit (usually via fax), our weekly invoices and our Care Notes to BOTH the client and the insurer. This process is used with the entire above named insurer’s.

  11. What cities do you support? We cover all of Marin, Sonoma and San Francisco Counties, including San Rafael, Novato, Santa Rosa, Petaluma and the city of Sonoma.